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The Grand Coulee Dam Area provides an exceptional small town living environment suited for the outdoor enthusiest. The Grand Coulee Dam Area is unique, by providing an equally balanced taste of all four seasons. Average temperatures range from January low's in the 20's to July high's in the 90's. The area receives most of its precipitation during the winter and spring months, with a pleasant dry climate during the summer and fall. Golf, hiking, watersports, hunting, and fishing are spectacular and just minutes from your door.

The area economy centers around Grand Coulee Dam and the surrounding farm lands of wheat, barley, and alfalfa. During the summer months, the area is visitied by millions of tourists interested in seeing Grand Coule Dam and its laser light show. Many more seek this area to camp and enjoy the summer sun while taking full advantage of the water sport recreational opportunities.

Banks Lake golf and country club, a par 72 (USGA rating 68.1) desert style links course awaits you for a very challenging, yet fun experience. This eighteen hole course has nice fairways and well kept greens. Sounds easy right? Just don't shank one left or slice one right because the desert awaits you with its soft sand base along with stubborn sagebrush to interrupt your "perfect" shot. This course is just 1 mile from North Shore Acres.

Grand Coulee Dam
"The Eighth Wonder of the World", is managed by the Bureau of Reclamation which is part of the United States federal government. Additional information about the dam and the history of the project is available at the visitor arrival center at the base of the dam. will explain the history of the project and will give you

The Grand Coulee Dam laser light show may be seen each night of the week from Memorial Day through Sept. 30th. The worlds largest laser light show is displayed right on the face of the dam. Enjoy the warm evening weather as you sit back and watch a spectacular display of laser lights choreographed with music. The show tells a little bit about the history of the dam and surrounding area and is a must see for anyone traveling in the area during the summer months.

Banks Lake
Banks Lake is a man made lake built to provide water to the central areas of Washington state to support agriculture. The lake is 28 miles long and is located along Highway 2 and 155 between the towns of Electric City and Coulee City. This lake is a favorite for most "Westsiders" and is known for its great bass fishing. Several bass tournaments are held each year hosted by the Coulee Playland Marina in Electric City. Steamboat Rock State park is a great place to take the family for a day at the beach or maybe a hike up to the top of Steamboat Rock or a hike up the Northrup Canyon trail. This park has many facilities: rest rooms, picnic tables, kids playground toys, roped off swimming area, boat launch and more. The glorious walls of the Coulee await you and your family for a great outdoor picnic.

Fishing year around featuring both small and large mouth bass, perch, and crappie. The winter season turns this lake into a sheet of ice which is perfect for ice-fishing.

Lake Roosevelt
Lake Roosevelt begins behind Grand Coulee Dam and extends 150 miles up through the Canadian border. This lake is one of the best kept secrets for those with an appetite for water sports. Because of its enormous size, there is plenty of water and space to go around for fisherman and boaters alike. The summer season brings calm weather to Lake Roosevelt to provide a perfect environment for smooth water-skiing. Spring Canyon Campground is the locals "watering hole". A nice big park area with all of the facilities: rest rooms, showers, picnic tables, bar-b-queues, kids playground toys, roped off swimming area with lifeguards, boat launch and more. Bring your family to the lake for a memorable day of sun, beach, and water.

Fishing year around featuring kokanee, walleye, rainbow trout, and sturgeon. Water sports featuring canoeing, swimming, boat rentals, houseboat rentals. Winter activities include cross country skiing, wildlife viewing (bald eagles), and snowmobiling.

Coulee Dam casino
A Las Vegas style casino will tempt your attention. Located in the city of Coulee Dam, this brand new casino sports black jack, slot machines and KENO.

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