New Site Custom Development

Westfork will build your new custom web site to your requirements. Most sites will be ready within one week. This includes initial consultation, page layout, gathering graphics, building a draft, draft review, building final, and final review.

Web sites developed by Westfork are priced a la carte so you only pay for the type of features that you want. The pricing structure is as follows:

Web Page Features And Charges
Feature Charge
First Page $30
Each Additional Page $15
Each Graphic (not including first page logo) $3
Each Image Map $5
Scanning Service $10 per picture

Compare these prices with other web page development companies that want approximately $200 for a template web site of 5 pages and $50-65 per hour for any custom work. That's why Westfork's service is such a great value, you get custom web pages to your specifications each time for much much less!

During your initial consultation, Westfork will discuss the types of features that are available to include on your web page and will help you determine the layout of your web page.

You will save money on your web page by providing all the required text and graphics in digital format (text as *.txt, or *.doc files in word for windows, graphics as *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, *.pcx). Westfork will input written text and design simple graphics for $25/hour. For commercial artistry, Westfork will provide you with outside contacts.

Westfork is building your web page as a service to you and will give you control of the source code. This allows you to make changes on your own if you want to learn more about web page development, or host your page using an alternative site to Westfork's.